I am guessing I am no longer "officially" a home owner.

The house in Bethlehem PA that I left in January of 2014 when I left my husband, was scheduled for auction at 1pm today because the mortgage had not been paid in years. Since long before I left, although I didn't know that at the time.

I actually feel sorry for whoever buys the house due to the state it was left in.

I am sad for all the energy and memories and things that were left there. I am sad for the destruction and filth. I am sad.

But I know that will pass. My credit will start to improve. My life has started to improve. My daughter's future is improving.

He accused me of abandoning everything. Just because I left, I wasn't the one abandoning, I was the one preserving myself and my daughter.


Or not.

Auction postponed to November 6th. *sigh*

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