So tired!

I have been really remiss at getting any writing done lately. Lots going on in my head, nothing going down on paper or on the screen in pixels.

I did complete one painting and start another over the weekend, and I have two new poly pro hoops that I'm having a lot of fun playing with, but my lethargy is almost paralyzing.

If you are a member then you know I haven't been modeling at all recently. It has simply been too hard to get motivated to do it. I am very much hoping that I will get some medical answers for why I'm so tired (yes I know I'm up super late writing this post, but still!), and work on some stress relieving methods to help my entire life go better.

In the mean time I took a trip down nostalgia lane today and scoured the internet looking for references to a traveling Shakespeare company that came to my college while I was there. I cannot express with words how much I loved this group. Apparently I loved it so much I was quoted in my school paper about my love for it. I even found a terribly scanned and grainy picture of the actor I kissed in front of a room full of students during a work shop which launched my acting and theater major. As well as pictures of a few of the actors I dated while they were visiting.

Hey, I like talent, and Shakespeare, what do you want from me?

I've also been binge watching Doctor Who on Netflix in preparation for the 50th anniversary this winter. I don't care that Peter Capaldi isn't young and sexy (okay he isn't young), I think he's going to be awesome as the twelfth Doctor!

I've even cooked twice in the last few days. Pumpkin pancakes on Monday and Vegan Lentil Soup today. I consider both major "Mama Wins" because the wildflower child actually ate what I cooked!

And there are four Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillars feasting on fennel on my back deck that just make my heart sing. So they are getting a lot of play on my Instagram.

Other than all that, I have to get some more tests done to see why I'm so tired, want to learn some new tricks with hooping and hope to not sleep through the weekends. Hopefully I can achieve those goals.


Lazy or Disinterested or Just Exhausted

I've been really tired and somewhat depressed for a while, and now I have a really bad cold. But I'm still around. Just haven't really felt like writing or doing much of anything.

So I'm snuggling with a cat and not caring that I look like hell.