The Surprising Emotional Impact of Dental Work

Today was the last of four appointments to fix my teeth. Almost all my teeth. Prior to the cleaning and exam that set up this epic adventure, I hadn't been to a dentist in over four years. The only reason I was able to go that last time so long ago was because I had a coupon. When that dentist recommended fillings, my husband made me cancel the appointment. He never let me go to the dentist if we had to pay for it. I think he resented that my teeth were better than his initially and then he had to have all his teeth replaced with dentures.

This dentist I've been going to us very nice, covered by my insurance, and explained to me that the damage to my teeth was caused primarily by clenching my jaw from stress. The stress of living in a progressively more and more abusive marriage broke most of my teeth.

I've been divorced for about 8 months. But this little thing, seemingly inconsequential, struck me as truly indicative of moving forward and being free of him.

And I already have my cleaning scheduled for May 26th.