Sixth Birthday

The Wildflower Child turned six-years-old today. I have no idea where the time has gone, but there it is, she's six.

The plan was her father would pick her up at 9:00am and take her to Dorney Park for the first half of the day and then bring her home by 2:00pm for my chance to celebrate.

By 8:45am we were waiting outside for him and I got a photo of her the moment she actually turned six. By 9:30am I sent him a text wondering where he was. By 9:47am he responded "on my way."

He showed up at 10:30am. An hour and a half late for his only child's sixth birthday. And having eaten up too much time to be able to go to Dorney Park. So he's taking her to the pool next to wear he will apparently be moving after the house he hasn't paid the mortgage on in four years goes to Sheriff's sale next month.

Father of the fucking year.

She of course is fine because she's going to go swimming. But these false promises are going to add up and eventually, she's going to start being disappointed. Eventually she's going to be crushed. And I'm really pissed.