The Ides of September

Today was a banner day in Kir's life. Today I had to sit across from my ex-husband in a very small room for the child support conference.

Because the divorce took place in Pennsylvania I don't know how it works in other states, but they actually warned me with official documents that filling for child support can put my life at risk if my ex is violently abusive, but I still have to be in the same room with him.

What. The. Fuck. People?

Luckily my ex is violent in subversive and subtle ways that never leave a bruise.

And I have an attorney.

It still sucked. Like epically. And my left eye is twitching so violently I'm afraid of developing stress induced Bell's Palsy.

And then I broke up with my boyfriend of six months.

Which was remarkably drama free because he completely understood that I couldn't handle his personal situation anymore. But still hurts.

So I spent an hour and ten minutes total on the elliptical machine. Haven't eaten enough. And really want to cry but it won't come.

Maybe some day someone will put me first.

Until then, I will try to take care of myself and the wildflower child and build a future.