After years of trying and being as supportive as I am capable of being, it is over.

Time for us both to move forward, work on being better individuals and co-parents but not partners.

Trying to get it together

So if you are a member or a follower or whatever, you know I haven't been on cam in, oh, forever. I couldn't get online because I was getting up at 5:00am to drive Hubby to work for about six weeks, and there were the nights he wouldn't go to bed at a reasonable time and I don't go online when he is awake out of respect to him, and there has been exhaustion and headaches. And then when I finally did try to get online, every time the camera connected a fuse blew shutting off all the power in my performance area.

It is like I'm cursed.

Unfortunately we are now down to 1/4 tank of heating oil again thanks to the super cold winter, and my husband still has $1400 of fines to pay in the next few months. So... I need to get back online. I'm just not sure how to do this with the fuse problem and the fact that it like 50F in my basement and I can't afford to turn the oil heat on to heat it.


I've also been really lax with my hoop practice and need to get back into that ASAP. But I ran out of Vitamin B2 which is part of my headache protocol and now I feel like shit.

So this is me whining and trying to get my ass in gear to make some money, get some exercise and hopefully feel better about myself and my situation. If you aren't into witnessing a pity party, feel free to keep on moving. ;-)

Going Bald For Charity

On March 15th, 2014, I will be shaving my head bald to raise funds for St. Baldrick's, a volunteer run charity that raises funds for childhood cancer research.

If you are interested in supporting my fund raising efforts, my participation page can be found here.

Not only is this a great charity and cause, but it allows me to start the year off with a complete change and a goal to give back to this world.

Any support at all will be greatly appreciated.

Starting 2014 off with a bang!

So I won the hoop. And Deanne Love of HoopLovers.com is now following me on Instagram. As are other professional hoopers.

I started the day off with the first tattoo on the first day of the new year by the same artist who did my chest oh so many years ago.

Then this evening I received the edited copy and release form for a story I submitted to an anthology about breastfeeding older children. Seriously a great start to the new year.

The suspense is killing me

I have entered a contest to win a hoop from a woman and company I really admire and seeing her like my entries is just killing me.

I really want that hoop.