Obligatory "Year in Review"

I suck at the holidays.

I look toward Thanksgiving with trepidation, Christmas with dread, and the New Year with inevitability.

I have a six-year-old Wildflower Child who LOVES the holidays and therefore, I have to keep my shit together so she continues to love the holidays. Even though all the sugar and late nights and stimulation made her into a possessed demon from hell that I didn't recognize, I still want her to have fond memories (hopefully not including being physically removed from Christmas celebrations at a family member's house for throwing a tantrum after mis-reading gift tags).

Anyway, the holidays have passed and now people are talking about the New Year coming and the old year past and what was great and what was pure torture and I started to think about how much I have gotten through this year.

2015 started out with reconnecting with someone deeply important to me which has been such a joy to have back in my life.

I tried out some interesting dating scenarios that ultimately revealed my new found ability to sniff out a total asshole before marrying him (that was never on the table, just saying, I'm getting quicker at the realization of douchebaggery). I also learned some things about a subculture that claims to be quite egalitarian and is in truth unbelievably sexist. There might be an essay in that at some point.

I had two almost cancer scares. Breast and uterine. I had a battery of incredibly invasive tests, some of which were very painful. All of which resulted in many lost hours of sleep. I was also tested for virtually every tick borne disease, diabetes and thyroid function. Twice. 'Cause you know, apparently I'm perfectly healthy for feeling like shit. Good thing I don't have any problem getting blood drawn, except for my tiny veins and low blood pressure.

I got more tattoos, and tattoos I had already have been touched up.

Gave up my lip stud.

Got my mother addicted to Doctor Who.

Decided Peter Capaldi is just killing it as the Doctor and am collecting his costume pieces. Because, #Geek.

I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy. I still have my ovaries, but my vagina ends where my cervix used to be, and all my abdominal organs got shifted around a bit. So I had to stop corset training for a while and now I have to work back to where I was, and I also have to exercise more.

Started investigating the probability that Wildflower Child has ADHD.

Gave up on dating for now at least.

Adopted a dog!

Got said dog allergy testing and shots, and TWO orthopedic knee braces.

Cuddled my child and my dog a lot, but not enough.

Watched "Jessica Jones" on Netflix all the way through, twice.

Spent a week in Wildwood NJ. (This list isn't even remotely in order.)

Bought two cool niche card games and have no one to play them with.

Spent way too much money on makeup. And don't feel at all badly about that.

Started growing my hair out.

Did not figure out what I want to do with my life.

So that was 2015. Will be interesting to see what happens in 2016.

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